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If you know me personally you may know that I have been struggling with some pretty serious skin issues that have been disabling at times. I didn’t know what was wrong for years and never would have guessed it was my personal care products.

Finally, I found out I was suffering from an allergy to Methylisothiazolinone which is a natural preservative found in items from paint and toilet paper to soap and makeup. I’ve searched high and low in my quest for a solution, learning a lot along the way and dumping tons of products. Thanks to the WSJ I stumbled upon Beautycounter during a short news segment and did some research.

I tried out a few of their products and fell in love. After trying various “organic, natural, and or safe” products from multiple companies I decided Beautycounter was the brand for me. It is one of the safest and hands down the most luxurious products I’ve found. I decided to not only use these products for myself and my family but to become a representative and share in this companies mission. I would love to share these products with you and your family as well.

Stop by my site or give me a call to learn more about Beautycounter.

Every ingredient selected for safety. Each ritual created for beauty.

Please learn all you can about your health and well-being you only get one you!

It has been reported that women use an average of 168 chemicals on their body each day. Don’t you have a right to know what they are and how they are affecting you?

Safer products are beautiful products! Learn more, shop safer. ~ Beauty And A Mission

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