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Although most of us throw out milk when it’s past its prime and swap an out-of-season bag for a new style, when it comes to skin care and cosmetics, many of us hold onto products for far too long. To help you figure out when products have expired—potentially losing their efficacy or becoming contaminated—check out […]

Source: When It’s Time to Replace Your Beauty Products – Beautycounter

This was a great article for newbies and one of the most important things I learned was what that little open pot symbol with the number on it means…

DO check for expiration dates. Every one of our products notes the number of months that you can expect it to be safe for use. Look for a tiny period-after-opening (PAO) symbol of an open lid pot with a note like “12M,” which means the product’s lifespan is about 12 months from the time you open it if it’s been stored and used properly.

Don’t have time to sit and read the article yourself? I shared it this morning on Periscope so you can listen in here…


Check out my first Beautycounter Youtube video!

Check out my first Youtube video!

Yay! My kids are awesome!

We did a Beautycounter unboxing video because I am as obsessed with Beautycounter’s products as I am with their presentation and packaging. Beautycounter is like red bottoms for my face (without the price tag!). After video recording this Beautycounter unboxing, my beautiful daughter Adonna edited it into this short but sweet little masterpiece! Please like, subscribe, share, comment etc! Tell us what you think, what you love and hate about it since it’s our first one.

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